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About Us

The Center for Municipal Solutions

(Monroe Telecom Associates and Comi Telecommunications Services)

A Little Bit About the Firm

The Center for Municipal Solutions (CMS) is an organization that, since 1987, has been exclusively dedicated to serving local governments (municipalities and counties) and represents in excess of more than 500 communities in 23 states and the National Park Service.

The two founders have a combined total of more than a half century of experience (on the executive level) in the telecommunications industry. The members of the team of experts include Professional Engineers licensed in more than 40 states, including RF, Structural and Environmental specialists. We know of no other firm in the nation that exclusively serves local governments that has such a team with such all-round experience.

This depth and breadth of talent and experience enables us to level the playing field for communities in their dealings with telecommunications service providers and applicants. They find that for the first time they are truly able to deal with the industry as equals, thereby reversing the historic roles, making the local government the proactive and controlling party.

Hundreds of time across the nation The Center for Municipal Solutions has proven that a community is in a unique position as regards being able to control the related matters, enabling it to be proactive instead of reactive, while at the same time actually facilitating and expediting the development and deployment of the technology and service(s) so badly needed by communities. All of this is accomplished without sacrificing the ability to protect the interests and safety of both the community and the general public. In short, everyone wins - the elected officials and their staff, the general public and the industry or service providers. In today's telecommunications parlance, this party scenario is dubbed the of municipal telecommunications issues.

We also have developed a reputation for generating new sources of Non-Tax revenue and increasing traditional sources, maximizing the return from these using existing assets and authority, without increasing the cost of doing business in the community. In just the year 2001 we have been responsible for the generation of more than $10 million in new Non-Tax revenue for clients going forward.