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Towers and Wireless Facilities

What a Community Can Control

  1. Cost of Expert Assistance - Can be required to be paid for by Applicant (No Cost to Community)
  2. No towers on 'Speculation', i.e. without a service provider who can prove the need for the facility
  3. Verification/Determination of actual Need (How do you know that the Tower or Wireless Facility is really needed? You’d Probably be surprised at how many times there is no provable need.)
  4. Location (You can prioritize preferred locations . . . without violating the prohibition against 'zoning them out')
  5. Height (Does it really have to be as tall as the service provider says ? Almost never!)
  6. Appearance/Aesthetics
  7. Required Co-location of facilities (to minimize the number of towers)
  8. Number of Sites in the Community
  9. Application Fees - Amount
  10. Non-tax Revenue (Different than Fees)
  11. Verification of compliance with the FCC’s RF Emission Standards
  12. Aesthetics/Appearance (It doesn't have to be recognizable as a wireless facility)
  13. Lighting ­ can be prohibited
  14. Setback
  15. Signage
  16. Screening
  17. Structural Adequacy and Integrity
  18. Site Security
  19. Utilities (Underground versus Aerial)
  20. Removal Bond (In the event the facility is ever abandoned)
  21. Indemnification for use of municipally-owned property
  22. Insurance
  23. Interference with other communications & electronic devices
  24. Inspection to assure that what is constructed is what was permitted